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New Stainless Steel Carrier For Linear Rails

Two years ago Chambrelan launched the BP53 (Bearing Plastic) carrier for its linear rail motion systems. The BP53 carrier was a completely new approach to Chambrelan’s original and highly successful stainless steel circulating ball-bearing carriers and was designed to provide more choice for our customers. The new stainless steel carrier for linear rails is the BS53 (Bearing […]

Get Expert Drawer Slide Advice

With a huge range of drawer slides available Chambrelan have made choosing the right heavy duty drawer slide easier and here’s how we’ve done it: Expert Advice: Our sales team have over 60 years of experience working with a huge range of markets and applications, advising and supporting which heavy duty slide is best suited for their […]

We CAD You Not:

Computer aided design allows engineers and designers to mechanically design vector based graphics that depict structures and objects. CAD has replaced the traditional technical draft drawing, offering engineers a greater depth of technical information including materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances according to the application. To make engineers life easier Chambrelan have included both 2D and […]

Heavy Duty Bespoke

Bespoke Heavy Duty Slides Made To Order

As manufacturers Chambrelan designs, builds and delivers a full range of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems globally. However, with some projects more specialised than others, some of our heavy duty slides fall outside our customer’s specifications and therefore bespoke heavy duty slides or linear rails need to be prototyped to meet their needs. […]

New D53 Aluminium Slide Launched

The latest product development announced by Chambrelan has just been released. The D53 aluminium slide is the latest aluminium slide to add to our range of heavy duty slides and linear rails. The new D53 is the final drawer slide in a triad of slides that use the same profile. The stainless steel version is […]

E1020 Gets Sequential

E1020 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide Just Got Better

One of our strongest heavy duty drawer slides in the Chambrelan range is the E1020, a three beamed reinforced steel drawer slide capable of carrying a huge weight of 1400kg per pair at 950mm full extension. The E1020 is one of our strongest slides. It has been designed to carry and deliver huge loads sequentially, […]

Defence Applications

Heavy Duty Slides Win Defence Contracts

The DSEI is the world’s largest defence and security show attracting delegates from across Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East. With over 32,000 attendees and 1,683 defence suppliers from 54 countries the DSEI is an important trade show for Chambrelan, allowing us to catch up with some of our customers, whilst also providing us […]

Chambrelan is Here to Stay

Need to Replace Heavy Duty Slides that are no longer available? We can Help

With a growing number of enquiries coming from customers who are trying to replace heavy duty slides that are no longer manufactured, we thought we’d mention how Chambrelan guarantees our collection of heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems from technical obsolescence. One of the key criteria requested by Defence contractors and industrial vehicle […]

R91 Heavy Duty Slide

R91 Heavy Duty Slide Launched

Chambrelan are delighted to announce the launch of their latest product, the R91 heavy duty slide. The R91 is a hybrid, made from the inner two sections of the RA9. The benefits of uniting different sections from different products means a lower costed slide, since we reduce the need for manufacturing and these savings are then passed […]